With as much as I travel, I believe that these are words to live by.

This Pamela Barsky pouch would be a perfect gift for someone with a tube of their favorite mascara placed inside.




I have always loved horses, for reasons I can't explain. There is something so magical, so moving, and profound about these creatures, that I have longed to be connected to for a long time.

At the end of last year, I sat down and took inventory of 2011 and explored what 2012 might hold for me. I finished this exercise with a commitment of learning to trust a horse, and having a horse trust me. Above all else, it is being in the presence of something bigger than you and having understanding, confidence, and love between you that defines trust.

Today was the first step of that journey. I spent about an hour and a half with a beautiful being. It was unlike any experience I have had before with a horse. I have historically been jumpy and frightened, but my intention seemed to define my experience. I took care of her, she took care of me.

I can't wait to spend some more time with my new friend.



naked doorstep?

This cute doormat makes me wish we had more doors.



I am a sucker for anything made out of felt. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. These bunnies might be the best Easter decoration ever.


snowcat wildlife safari

This weekend, Josh and I went on a Winter Snowcat Wildlife Safari in the mountains near Echo, UT. High winds, minimal snow and elusive animals were no match for our adventurous spirit. We piled into our ride (manufactured decades ago, in the great state of Utah) with 5 other people to explore the mountains of Summit County. We rumbled and tumbled our way along for almost 3 hours.

{our sweet ride}

As a storm came in, we realized that we probably wouldn't see as many animals as we had hoped, but that didn't stop our fun. We managed to spot a few deer and several hawks flying overhead.

{deer, dear!}

Lucky for us, several cell phone towers were located nearby, so Josh and I were able to text back and forth throughout our adventure. This allowed us to make inappropriate jokes without offending our new found friends.

{this guy kept me in stitches for hours}


spring tote

Every spring I have a need to shed my heavy leather handbags in lieu of something lighter and more carefree. The Two-Sided Heart Tote just might be the official selection for this year.

come on down

We may have gone The Price is Right in Las Vegas last weekend. We may have worn matching shirts (more on that later). My sister may have been called down to Contestants Row. We may have totally freaked out! A lifelong dream may have come true.

{top row: jason, jon, josh
bottom row: tara, the contestant (a.k.a. dawn), bree}


friendship bracelets

I love the nostalgic quality and sophisticated style of these dainty Egyptian cotton and gold bracelets from piecesandchloe. There is a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, so that you can find the perfect piece for your bestie.

{porkie friendship bracelet}

dog massage

A found this video on Daily Candy a few weeks back and have since tried these massage techniques on several dogs including Henri and Franklin, of course.

I have noticed that by following the instructions on the video , my furry subjects really do enjoy their treatment, a few have even fallen asleep. Give it a try, you'll be amazed.


good reads

Below, are the three books that I have been enjoying this year. As I look at them in a collection, they are a little heavy in theme, however, I have found each to be oddly uplifting and engaging.

Perhaps a lighter read should be in the queue for spring...any suggestions?

The Birth House

I spotted this book a few months ago on a trip to Canada, I always make a point to seek out Canadian authors when I am there.

The story of The Birth House takes place in rural Nova Scotia early in the 20th century and centers around the life of a young to-be midwife. The book explores a diverse range of topics including marriage, pregnancy, sex, and women's health at a time when women struggled for control of their own bodies and rights.

This book was absolutely fascinating. The Birth House has been the recipient of several honors and awards.

The Year of Magical Thinking

The story of almost every tragedy begins with, 'It was an ordinary day...', and then life changes in an instant.

Joan Didion writes honestly and powerfully about her experiences in marriage, love, life, death, how we live through it and after it.

Please don't omit this book because it is a story about death, it is a truly profound read on a inevitability we could all learn more about.

Passages: Predictable Crises of Adult Life

This is an absolutely fascinating read. It seems that no matter who you are, reading this book is like reading about your own path through life. The premise of this book is that growth phases (or passages) do not end for us once we emerge from our teen years. There are predictable periods of growth and turbulence.

Gaily Sheehy defines 'crisis', as a period of increased vulnerability and an increased potential for growth. In other words, the time that often feel so trying are actually really good for us...yay!



Henri, Franklin, and I surprised Josh with this Valentines Day message on the patio today.

valentine menagerie

My photo skills are no match for the brilliance of my dear friend Robyn and the beastly menagerie she styled for her mantle this year.

She purchased plastic zoo animals and dinosaurs (like these) and coated them with high gloss red and pink spray paint to create a graphic and textural Valentines Day display.


toys for big babies

Have you seen zenblocks? I am obsessed. These beauties are made of solid walnut with an oil finish.

I had to I order a couple sets for 123 house. Can't decide if the Zen experience will come from adoring them or succeeding in having them stand.


Josh doesn't like to be the center of attention, so I could be reprimanded for posting this, but it seemed worth the risk. I adore this picture of my handsome husband.


back to the start

A touching and powerful message. Another reason to love Chipotle.

grown-up valentines

I adore Valentines day. I believe that having a day dedicated to love is a beautiful thing. It is the perfect opportunity to share your love with everyone in your life...friends, family, co-workers, bosses, clients.

I had a great time putting together this little 'passion pack' for one of my amazing friends. SO MUCH FUN.

{beautifully packaged protection}

{herb tea for the libido}

{chocolate with love poem included}



I love scarves. They have become my security blanket or sorts. If there isn't one around my neck, I promise you there is one in my bag.

This video will show you 25 ways to refresh your style with a simple scarf. Grab a scarf and give it a try.


laptop sleeve

I am head-over-heels in love with the new wool felt and leather sleeve I order for my laptop. Making this purchase was, in my view, an extension of my new years goal to bring order to the areas of my life involving technology. Perhaps it was actually an excuse to buy this beauty.

German manufacturer, Feruto Bags, has a great looking and functional collection of streamlined solutions to house your gadgets.

p.s. US transactions are a little more simple if purchased through their etsy site, here.