wool and the gang

I knit. I am on day 13, I am a new knitter, an infant.

In 13 days I have managed to practice a lot of my stitches, learn about knit graffiti, roamed several knit shops, and found some really cool projects to work on.

One of the company's I have learned about is Wool and the Gang. They have luxe yarns, fun projects (that you'd actually wear) and a hip corporate culture.

I had no idea that knitting could be so cool. Will this be my vehicle for rebellion?


Jennifer said...

Wow that's great ..

nice blog --

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Anonymous said...

So happy you're KNITTING!!!!!!

Love, Pillow Sham

3 Red Mushrooms said...

Bree....knitting is the greatest thing ever!! Keith laughs at me because I take my knitting bag everywhere I go...just in case I can knit a row or two!!! The doctors office...in the car while waiting to pick up LAne from school. Welcome to the world of knitting!!! It is truly amazing and fun and totally chic...there are some amazing patterns out there!!! Have fun !!