page turners

The pages have been flying around here, I just can't read fast enough. Despite my best efforts, I still have several books in the queue.

I just re-read Under the Banner of Heaven, I found it even more interesting this time around since I have been living in Utah for quite some time now. I would highly recommend this book.

A Single Man was a different sort of read for me. I quite enjoyed the writing, I found it to be more philosophical and obscure than other books I have read lately. This is a sad book but not in a traditional sense. I am really interested to see how they made it into a film.

I have wanted to read The Devil in the White City for a long time. I am only 50 pages into it and can't pull my nose out of the book. Life is so much more interesting than fiction.

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Valerie Drake said...

I concur. True events can be far more interesting than fiction. Yes the book is hard to put down. My grandmother was born in Chicago and would have been around five years old at that time. It gave me a great insight into the time and place she grew up.