course a'lure

This weekend we brought Henri and Franklin to the Course a'Lure competition at The Humane Society of Utah. The obstacle lure course utilizes a pulley system with a fake furry rodent used to lure the pups. The dogs then chase the lure through the course while they are timed. You can enter your dog as many times as you like and a good portion of the proceeds go to HSU.

For the first round, Henri was a little confused, so I ran the course with him, Franklin was completely uninterested and didn't make it past the starting line. After a very poor first time, and a bathroom break in the middle of the lap, Henri got the idea and wanted to compete more. He went crazy!

Henri was an amazing competitor and improved his time by 50%, Franklin was a model spectator. Although, Henri didn't win for time (he was considerable shorter than the athletes), he did win a ribbon for Most Precious Competitor.

{henri navigating the course for the first time}

{his strategy involved some creative maneuvers}

{the little man in action}

{the ribbon henri proudly wore home}


mrs. stanford said...

oh my god! i wish i had known about this! would have been a fun event for our little scent hound....

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!


Susie said...

He is so cute it hurts!! This is so funny!!! Love this post!