chow down

For a couple years, I have pined for a gourmet food truck in Salt Lake City, one that would serve up complex combinations that I could enjoy on the curb. This Friday I realized that my dream has become a reality. The Chow Truck serves up California cuisine with an Asian twist for under $6. Josh and I visited the Chow Truck and enjoyed it at home while watching the Olympics. Everything we tried was excellent and suprisingly it travelled really well. If I make it through the week without a return visit, I will be suprised.

To find out where the Chow Truck is parked, follow them on Twitter or check out their website here.


{asian spiced root chips}


lifeinredshoes said...

We used to cal them The Gut Trucks.
My, things have changed.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can we go next time I'm in town?

.caroline armelle. said...

can't wait to try it out!

thanks for the tip!