Tonight I went to private holiday party at Nordstrom with a couple friends (fancy me!). They had lovely appetizers and cocktails galore.

While waiting in line for a drink I spotted the gorgeous bottles of Evian water they were pouring. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was a collectors edition bottle designed by Christian Lacroix. A visit to the Evian site revealed that Lacroix was not alone in this mission. Jean Paul Gaultier and my personal favorite, Paul Smith, have also contributed.

Wouldn't you just love to grace your table with these?

{christian lacroix}

{paul smith}

{jean paul gaultier}


Anonymous said...

Miss Susie has these out at our house! She refills them with water died red with food colour - very pretty.

Megan said...

Yo quiero!

Cheaping Girls said...

Thank you for bringing these beautiful bottles to our attention. We found some recently for a steal and had to buy them!