float your boat?

I have one week to prepare for our up coming Canadian Thanksgiving celebration.

While I don't enjoy gravy on my food, I do enjoy a nice looking table. I am not exagerating when I tell you that we have been in search of a modern gravy boat for over 3 years. I finally found the one...but it's blue, boo hoo.


mrs, stanford said...

ugh, i am SO disappointed that we are missing it! we need leftovers!

aritc said...

Sorry to intrude, but I couldn't find an e-mail address: In a previous post you mentioned considering a Milano door. So am I, but I cannot find any reviews or anyone who actually bought one. Did you? Did it work out?

Bobby L said...

WHAT? You don't LIKE gravy????.......Ok, I'm still coming to Canadian Thanksgiving, but don't be surprised if some gravy 'misteriously' ends up on you plate.

It is really hard to find a modern gravy boat, good find, even in blue.