dog gone day

We all missed Henri today while he was at the animal hospital having emergency surgery on his bladder. My heart broke for Henri, and for Franklin who didn't know where his brother went. Happily he will be home tonight.

{franklin waiting for henri's return}


Bobby L said...

Get well soon Henri!

Dianne Phillips Geraci said...

Hi Bree,
I am sorry to hear about Henri...was it bladder stones? Hope he is convalescing well:)
Your lovely invitations promted me to check out your blogsite and am so glad I did! I love it! Gary and I were sorry to miss your wedding but hope that we might get a chance to visit with you all someday soon!
Of course, you are welcome anytime in Boston:)
Dianne, Gary & Ella

Susie said...

So sad :( I hope he's ok! I can't stand when anything is wrong with Ewok. And it's torture when he has to stay at the hospital for anything. Hugs to Henri! xox