In celebration of my recent status as a permanent resident of the USA, I thought I would share a recent "American" experience I had.

I am not ashamed to admit that I like hotdogs...a lot. So it wasn't unusual that I announced that I was craving one while shopping at the hardware store last weekend. Once we got in the car, Josh pulled into the Wienershnitzel. "What are we doing here?" I asked. "You wanted a hotdog he replied". Seriously? This is not what I had in mind.

I know it's snobby, but I have prided myself in never having eaten at such establishments. How could I pass this up though?

{shock and awe}

We ordered our meals from a young lady that looked like a character from Fraggle Rock (appropriate). I went for the turkey mustard hotdog, while Josh just went for the classic chili cheese dog.

{the goods}

That's right folks, you're reading it correctly. They do have a chili cheese fries burrito. I hope those employees are also well trained in emergency cardiac procedures.

The whole experience lived up to the Wienerschnitzel slogan, "Pushing the Boundaries of Taste". You can say that again!

{pushing the boundaries of taste}

I love this place.


Honey said...

Ha ha ha...that is hilarious! What a way to celebrate being an American! Next time, and you know there will be a next time, go for the chili cheese fries!

Krissy said...

I am honestly about to drool. I have a soft spot for hot dogs as well. We should have a hot dog party to celebrate your citizenship! hmm. but how?!

Dos said...

Wienershnitzel is an important part of Clovis NM where I grew up. I don't like hot dogs so I would get a Haley's Special. It's not on the menu but everyone in Clovis orders it. Get ready this will make you very hungry. I hot dog bun, then cheese, fries, last but very important is the chili.. Now that's good!

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable!!! I've never even heard of Wienerschnitzel... good thing Josh can afford to take you out to such fine dining ;)


Sophie said...

That's funny. Thanks for sharing your fun experience! I'm not a huge hot dog fan, but, I like one now and then.:)

teamkc said...

2 chili cheese dogs from here have been my all-time favorite since I was like 7 years old! Only now, I get heartburn when I eat them, so I only do it about twice a year...way to embrace Weinerschnitzel!