snowcat wildlife safari

This weekend, Josh and I went on a Winter Snowcat Wildlife Safari in the mountains near Echo, UT. High winds, minimal snow and elusive animals were no match for our adventurous spirit. We piled into our ride (manufactured decades ago, in the great state of Utah) with 5 other people to explore the mountains of Summit County. We rumbled and tumbled our way along for almost 3 hours.

{our sweet ride}

As a storm came in, we realized that we probably wouldn't see as many animals as we had hoped, but that didn't stop our fun. We managed to spot a few deer and several hawks flying overhead.

{deer, dear!}

Lucky for us, several cell phone towers were located nearby, so Josh and I were able to text back and forth throughout our adventure. This allowed us to make inappropriate jokes without offending our new found friends.

{this guy kept me in stitches for hours}


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