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Below, are the three books that I have been enjoying this year. As I look at them in a collection, they are a little heavy in theme, however, I have found each to be oddly uplifting and engaging.

Perhaps a lighter read should be in the queue for spring...any suggestions?

The Birth House

I spotted this book a few months ago on a trip to Canada, I always make a point to seek out Canadian authors when I am there.

The story of The Birth House takes place in rural Nova Scotia early in the 20th century and centers around the life of a young to-be midwife. The book explores a diverse range of topics including marriage, pregnancy, sex, and women's health at a time when women struggled for control of their own bodies and rights.

This book was absolutely fascinating. The Birth House has been the recipient of several honors and awards.

The Year of Magical Thinking

The story of almost every tragedy begins with, 'It was an ordinary day...', and then life changes in an instant.

Joan Didion writes honestly and powerfully about her experiences in marriage, love, life, death, how we live through it and after it.

Please don't omit this book because it is a story about death, it is a truly profound read on a inevitability we could all learn more about.

Passages: Predictable Crises of Adult Life

This is an absolutely fascinating read. It seems that no matter who you are, reading this book is like reading about your own path through life. The premise of this book is that growth phases (or passages) do not end for us once we emerge from our teen years. There are predictable periods of growth and turbulence.

Gaily Sheehy defines 'crisis', as a period of increased vulnerability and an increased potential for growth. In other words, the time that often feel so trying are actually really good for us...yay!

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