the hidden possibility of a speeding ticket

A couple of months ago, I started a journey of transformation. I have been amazed as many things in my life evolve and have new and profound meaning. I will share my experiences from time to time under the category of 'possibility'.

Today while I was driving to an appointment for work, I was pulled over by a police officer. I was completely confused about why. I quickly learned that I had been speeding, however this information was delivered to me in a very respectful and compassionate way from an officer that was genuinely concerned that I was in a hurry to get somewhere.

When he returned to the car to give me my citation, he explained that he reduced the charges. He explained that he does this whenever he can, because he believes it is his job to positively impact the lives of others and not hurt them financially or upset them. Wow. I happily (yes, I said happily) took my ticket, wished him a good day and left for my appointment.

As I was driving away, I realized what an impactful interaction we had. This officer has taken to heart the fact that he can be a cause for good in the lives of others despite the less than pleasant work he often does. He simply asked me to be responsible and accountable for my actions, and that I something I can do.

Tomorrow I will call the police department to tell them about my truly extraordinary experience, and I hope that my action will positively impact his life.

From this experience, I have created a possibility of positively impacting the lives of others through my work (even in less than perfect situations).

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