sun pill

Everyone who knows me knows that I am sun-phobic and have been so for years...part vanity, part precaution. I am always on the look out for new preventative measures.

Last week I read about Sun Pill. Have you heard about this? Seems like it would be a useful layer of protection if it actually works. It makes sense that you could protect your skin from the inside out, no? This might be a question for the dermatologist...hmmm.

I like the idea of the Sun Pill, however I also enjoyed the idea of the Thigh Master and the lottery but they haven't seemed to pay off.


mrs. stanford said...

it doesn't seem to say what's in it... i have read that diluted ascorbic acid (vitamin c) sprayed on your skin works as a sunscreen....

Meredith said...

Bree, all you have to do is move to Seattle and you'll never see the sun! :) We are still waiting for spring here and it is almost summer. Good luck with the pills....miss you!! xox