sas royal hotel. copenhagen

When we were in Denmark last month we planned one of our days in Copenhagen around a self guided Design walking tour. Our first stop was the 5-star Radisson SAS Royal Hotel designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Jacobsen's influence can be seen in everything down to the textiles, cutlery and door handles.

If you know to ask and do so nicely you can be escorted to Room 606 of the hotel, the room has been completely preserved and is in the exact state it was when the hotel was finished in 1961. We spent a few minutes sitting in the Egg chairs, Swan chairs, and the discontinued Droplet chair. The gentleman from the hotel was very patient while we took our photos and explored every corner of that space.

This is an absolute must see for any design enthusiast.


Bobby L said...

So so SO beautiful!

3 Red Mushrooms said...

Oh Bree.....I have recently fallen back in love with design and am missing it every minute of every day. I have also lately become obsessed with our local Kijiji site where I have since bought quite a few fabulous vintage teak pieces and am always on the look out for fabulous finds....including the fabulous egg chair....likely it will never happen but something about the vintage 1960's stuff has me on this crazy hunt. Maybe being a mom is just a little too....well not boring but stifling???

love ya