One of the biggest reasons we scheduled our trip to Holland for late April is so that we could visit the tulip fields. We saw the fields and visited Keukenhof, a park in Lisse with over 7 million flowers in bloom for only 8 weeks a year.

We were surprised to learn that that the tulips grown in the fields are simply a by-product of the tulip industry. Shortly after blooming, the flowers are "decapitated" so that the bulbs can be harvested and sent all over the world.

Our day spent wandering among the flowers was very peaceful, a day I will never forget. It is rare to be surrounded by such beauty.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!!!! Very inspiring!
Pillow Sham

Anonymous said...

WOW... they truly are beautiful, especially in the pathways. The Tulip Festival is on in Ottawa right now. Not quite as many tulips but it is great to see so much colour in the early Spring!

Looks like you had a great time!

Susie said...

Wow! These pictures are amazing! What a great thing to experience!

Anonymous said...

I just love tulips - what a fabulous stop on your trip.