dear mrs. meyers

Dear Mrs. Meyers,

I am sorry I judged you so harshly. For years I have seen your fancy pants products on the shelves of small boutique stores and assumed they were simply over priced soap in pretty bottles. Honestly, the only one I hurt was myself. I am the one who missed out while others had lovely smelling, non-toxic cleaning agents in their home.

I recently tried several of your products and I love them. The house smells clean without the chemical smell, the scent lingers for days. I have also discovered that if I purchase your products from larger stores they are actually quite competitive in price. Your products have almost made me want to start cleaning the house myself (just kidding).

Again, my sincere apologies. I am so glad we are finally friends.




lifeinredshoes said...

I felt the same way until I found it in Harmons.
Now I buy it for the simple fact that it's like aromatherapy, and besides, I deserve it:)
Lavender is my personal fave.

Meghan said...

I love the basil. The all-purpose can be diluted and lasts a surprisingly long time.