alice in wonderland

One of my dear friends and fellow reps co-hosted a party for about 200 clients last night. Our evening was planned around a private screening of the new Alice in Wonderland film in 3D.

Before the show we invited everyone to a Mad Hatter Tea Party. We served various types of candy, miniature cakes and sweet beverages. The evening was a smashing success.

{hurricanes inspired by the queens of hearts}

{our life sized alice walking the multi-colored carpet}

{"eat me" miniature cakes and fabric samples of course}

{"drink me" beverage station}

{more sweet treats}

{les petits gateaux}

{more bon bons}


mrs. stanford said...

looks awesome! i'm sorry we had to miss it!

Tina said...

What a fun party! I'm jealous!

Susanne said...

This is so fantastic Bree!! Looks like a great time!!

Susanne said...
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