sundance 2010

Every year I am exhausted by the end of the Sundance Film Festival and then sometime between then and the following year I forget all about it and prepare to do it again. I needed a week to recover in order to have the energy to report my findings.
This year I saw 13 films, however 3 stood out as being exceptional, and all very different from one another. I would stringly recommend all the these films:

Film: Buried
Genre: Drama
Five words or less: one actor, one set, amazing

Film: Catfish
Genre: Documentary
Five words or less: life is better than fiction

Film: happythankyoumoreplease
Genre: Comedy
Five words or less: romantic, endearing, funny, inspiring, warm

If you've got Netflix, you can add these to your queue right now and they will notify you once they are released.

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