a plate to call my own

Thinking about starting a collection of Heath Ceramics. I have loved them forever.

Heath is one of the last mid-century American potteries left today. They have been producing gorgeous pieces for over half of a century. I admire the history and spirit of the company as much as their tableware.

{spring full set}


Alison Rock said...

i encourage it! i have those dishes and i LOVE LOVE them. my mom and grandma have them also. they last forever. the only difficult part is deciding which ones to buy. i love them all. :)

Bobby L said...

Go for it! Then invite me over the eat off them. : )

brittni: papernstitch said...

I highly recommend it! I just started my HEATH collection about 6 months ago and I don't use any of my old plates or bowls anymore. They are beautiful! We registered for them when we got married instead of doing a traditional China.