Two weeks ago we made our way to Canada to see my sister, Dawn, to marry her love, Jon.

Josh and I had the special privelege of caring for our dogphew, Chester. Our job was to pick up Chester from his babysitters (already dressed in his tux) for the ceremony, then supervise him while he greeted people, sit with him during the ceremony, deliver him to his photo shoot, and return him to the sitters for his sleepover party.

He was such a good boy, only a little bit of whimpering and some unexpected gas... but nothing a little Timmy Holedigger dog cologne couldn't fix.

{chester and uncle josh}

{so excited for mom and dad!}

{chester and auntie bree}


Bobby L said...

Wow, Chester's got his fancy pants on!

Dawn said...

You guys did such a great job, thanks again!