It's cold and flu season and I am already down for the count. Although getting sick is never fun, there a few things I enjoy...always better to stay positive...right?

1. everyone is a little nicer...you can't be mean to a sick person
2. the soothing sound of a humidifier
3. napping is encouraged
4. lemons, tea and soup
5. cuddling up in a blanket
6. self indulgence is acceptable
7. potential weight loss
8. creating a little nest of books, tissues, lip balm, and cold medication on the nightstand
9. the world outside looks like a very busy ant colony unnecessarily rushing about

What is your favorite thing about being sick?

{unmade bed by imogen cunningham}


Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about being sick... Getting better and appreciating how good I feel in comparison.

Hope you are feeling better :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bree

saw it in twitter today and was thinking of you, hope you get better soon

the old guy up north

Jill said...

get well my dear. i love lazing around in my pajamas all day when i'm sick... and soup...i love soup.

Bobby L said...

Way to find the silver lining of being sick Bree!! I'd have to say my favorite thing about being sick is lounging in my pj's watching movies all day.