I've not been a fan of the UGG boots, but my friend Debbie made a compelling argument for them early this evening, so I did some research. I might need some afterall. Would I be a total sell out?


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean; it's a tough decision. However, I LOVE your taste in clothes and I want a pair of those myself now that I see they are available in those styles and in black. We could both be "sell-outs" together!
Love, Pillow Sham

Anonymous said...

I'm just sayin'.....don't get the second ones...the toe shape is just so UGG-ly. The other toe are non-ugg-identifiable and cute :)

My two cents.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I was pretty much anti-ugg. The styles you've picked are a little more flattering than other ones I've seen. V