storybook adventures

It was 16 years ago that I was hired for my first "real" summer job. It was at Storybook Gardens, a petit childrens amusement park with chapters of fun to be had.

I worked in the Beanstalk concession and ice cream parlor, which sounds far more exciting than it actually was. However, I did enjoy visiting the beavers and the wallabys.

What was your first job?

{majestic, no?}


Megan said...

I was a motel maid in Rexburg Idaho. A small Motel. When the owner's son came home from the military he liked to chase us while we were working. I locked myself in the bathroom ready with toilet brush ready in hand to slosh him with toilet water.

Sophie said...

I think my first job was at a book bindary. We marked, cut, and stickered the tabs for scriptures and spanish/english dictionaries. I also worked at a movie theater.

Jill said...

Ace Hardware, oh yeah.

Anonymous said...


I was a flagman on a highway construction job where they were paving a road,

The old guy up north

Bobby L said...

I was a seasonal gift wrapper for a local department store. It was a fun part time job & now I can wrap any gift with only 3 pieces of tape!

Patty and Ruby said...

Worked for a lovely boutique on Lexington Avenue called "Valeska" for about $4.00/hr. in the '70's when I was 17. Spent every penny I made between the cost of the train commute into the city from the burbs, and on the exquisite accessories & clothes that I could not resist buying with my discount.