a sidekick fur me

This weekend was a special one, at least that's what my mom and dad say. On Friday we got me my own dog. He's really scrappy looking, not quite as coiffed as I am. He moves quickly, and sleeps a lot. When we got him home he smelled pretty bad, I wanted to name him Pig Pen but I haven't officially named him yet.

Anyway, I am starting to get used to him, I'll keep you in the loop about how things go, I am currently training him to be my faithful sidekick and partner in crime. Please send treats and gifts at your discretion, and don't forget the sweet older brother that is showing him the ropes.

Check him out below.

Love Henri


Jill said...

oh my goodness! congratulations 123 house. let me know when your sidekick gets a name.

he's really cute.

Bobby L said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! So so cute!
I'm so glad Henri has a little friend!

He looks kinda like a Franklin to me, but Fish Sticks would also be a good name! :)

Anonymous said...

What??!! So exciting...keep me updated.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Henri. You have much to learn. I'm sorry he smells bad. He has a nice hair color, though. At least he's got that going for him. Is he bigger than you? I hope Mom and Dad can get a picture of you two together soon. Is he younger than you? Do you let him play with your toys? Please post more.


"Ich bin ein Berliner" said...

love the chairs!!! (sorry, i'm not a dog person) :p

Chester said...

I can't wait to meet my new cuz'. I think "stinker-bum" is a good name, maybe then my mom and dad will stop calling me that. I am sure that me and Henri and the new guy will have lots of fun times ahead.

Love Chester

Anonymous said...

Hi Bree / Josh and Henri

He is hilarious to look at, a little bit of Henri and a little bit of himself. Dave is already looking forward to giving him some lessons, Chester stopped by for his second set of lesson. Post more photos please

The old guy uo north