someone to look up to

I am kind of obsessed right now with getting Henri one of these.

Image from Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bree
these Newfoundland dogs are wonderful and legendary in the many heroic things they have done in babysitting and saving children. They also go about 150 lbs so you may want to consult Henri about having a big brother.

The old guy in Ottawa

Anonymous said...

Hello Bree, I have a beautiful Newf named Sasha and i can tell you they are wonderful dogs. HOWEVER they love to dig. So make sure your new baby has plenty of things to keep them busy. When they get bored they get distructive. But they do not chew your shoes! My girl is 13 months, and weighs 96lbs. They are very loveable dogs. They love kids and other dogs. They are the perfect pet! Good Luck!