better butter?

I come from a long line of peanut butter lovers. We don't just eat it during waking hours, sometimes we are compelled to get out of bed in the middle of the night to get our fix. I am convinced this is an illness.

Imagine my shock when I was home for the holidays and my mom had no peanut butter in the house. What the hell is almond butter?!? Turns out is is delicious, and feels a little healthier without all that sugar.

Will I be giving up my Jif? Probably not, but there are always room for more nut butters. Yum!

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both my brothers also do the same thing, must be genetic, so you come by it honestly, perhaps I should try the almond, is it better and PB&J

the old guy in the frozen (-30 c) north making peanut and jam sandwiches