adventures in snowshoeing

This morning Josh and I went snowshoeing on a new trail up the canyon. We started snowshoeing last year, and we love it. It is quiet and peaceful, and we see so many inspiring things. Naturally, I like to bring the camera. Josh is good for a couple pictures. Here is our hike in photos:

{beautiful view}

{j & b enjoying our afternoon}

{j: no more photos, b: oh come on!}

{j: put it away, we're here to snowshoe, b: i'll get you anyway}

{game over, camera is confiscated}


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Anonymous said...

hilarious, excellent narration, great photo of the both of you

the old guy from up north in Florida

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, that sounds just like my husband. And then he complains when I put a picture up on the blog where he looks dumb. I'm like, "See... that's why I take a million pics!"

Look like fun too!

Bobby L said...

Too funny! Looks beautiful! I need to get out & do something like that!