holiday mystery

I'm not sure why, but I already feel a little Christmas-ed out...anyone else?


Design Gal said...

*raising hand*

I do

Dawn said...

Not me, keep Christmas coming! You better renew your holiday spirit before I see you, because I plan to celebrate at least until December 30. Looking forward to seeing you. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I was Christmased out until I read Dawn's note. We spend time worrying about the right gift, the perfect meal...trying to make everyone happy... but when you reflect on the best of the Season... it's the people. Being surrounded by the ones that are most important is the best gift of all.

So Dawn... you spread the Christmas spirit end with that we'll have a great Christmas.

I can't wait for everyone to get here and look forward to the year that everyone can come home at once! That would be a dream come true!

The Old Girl Up North ;-)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps its all the Christmas music???

Just a thought. :)