everyday super hero

Today our resident super hero, (I'll call him Joshman to keep his identity safe) used his physical prowess to tackle a thug right in front of our house.

While Henri and I were busy wrapping gifts inside 123 house danger was lurking close by. Joshman was busy outside working in his shop when he saw a suspicous character lurking about. He heard yelling from beyond, and asked the thug what he was up to. 'Nothing', he replied. Joshman told him to stay put. When he tried to make a breakaway, Joshman tackled him until the cops came to take him away. The ever polite and considerate Joshman apologized to the criminal for taking him down so hard, the cop told the criminal he should be glad Joshman did it and not them.

We're not sure what he was being chased for, but it's a good thing he got caught.

Way to go Joshman! All in a day's work, kids.

{can you spot joshman?}


Anonymous said...

Good thing there is a new neighborhood watch in town!

From your friends at 105.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Sooo brave! My imagination is going wild about what could have happened and I'm so relieved.
Pillow Sham

Sophie said...

Wow Josh! I'm speechless. I'm glad nothing happened.

tina said...

wow. and scary!

Megan said...

Way to go Josh! AD got a pervert at the Library in NY hauled off by the cops. You both did those guys a favor.

Anonymous said...

Rock on 'Joshman'! Making the world a safer place for ladies and little dogs a like!