run, bree, run

I used to be a runner. I used to be a runner when it meant that during elementary school track and field, I trained for 3 weeks and then attempted to run a 5km race.

Being a runner 20 years later does not come as easy. Today I (almost) ran a mile, and although it is not a huge feat accomplished, it made me proud to make my small goal this week.

Josh and Henri were my cheerleaders and ran the whole way with me, my guys are so sweet and supportive.


Design Gal said...

oh girl, i know EXACTLY how you feel! it gets easier! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wow, very impressive. Are you starting your new years resolutions early? : )


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Bree!

I kept up my end of the deal and went to yoga twice last week and once this week. I keep thinking of when you said "It must stop raining for a little bit" in response to my protest that I can't go running because it's always raining. I kid you not. It has not stopped raining in Portland. Boo that. My heart will have to wait until next summer ;)


tina said...

good for you! and it's not even january yet! you are getting a head start.