handy man

Josh spent the last 3 days working hard on 123 house, pulling up carpet and chipping away at ugly floor tile. Soon he will start installing maple floors throughout our main level.

Josh works hard to build a beautiful home for our family, with both his hands and his heart.

Thank you sweetheart.

Bree + Monster


Anonymous said...

you da man josh...just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful friendship. We are very lucky to have such good friends so close. Thanks again for all that you both do for us....Your giving doesn't stop with each other or at 123 house and for that I know there are many greatful people...

-chad, catsy and gavin

Anonymous said...

What a great man you have Bree!! Gotta love a hard working man, I know I love mine! Make sure he has a cold beer and nice sandwich waiting for him when he needs a break.