I was thrilled when I saw a listing for local apple picking a couple of weeks ago. I miss the apple picking in Canada where I grew up. I took for granted that it was always there.

Yesterday Josh and I set out for Wasatch Mountain State Park for our big adventure. I was seriously so excited! I had big plans for pies, crumbles and other autumnal creations.

We had a lovely drive and visit, but the "orchard" (all 30 trees) had been overpicked, and all that remained were sad little apples rotting underneath the trees. We didn't get one apple to put in out fancy State Park paper bag. Boo!

Tomorrow I will brave the grocery store where a bountiful selection of apples await.

{click to enlarge}

1. my partner in crime 2. me
3. the ride up 4. beautiful park
5. the fallen apple 6. sad conditions and disappointment
7. mammoth grasshopper 8. the apple carnage
9. quiet time 10. a lovely afternoon anyway


Emmy said...

If you'd like a drive, you could try Zollinger's in Logan. I don't know if you can pick the apples, but it's a great tree farm with the best apples and cider to take home. You can pick pumpkins too.

I'm sad to be missing Utah's beautiful Fall.

Anonymous said...

Saddest Story Ever. I miss apple picking too. Boo.


Stephanie said...

So frustrating...

I miss that about the east coast too. Oh how I do!

p.s. added you to my blogroll today...hope you don't mind :)

Honey said...

How sad!!! I love pictures though!

Anonymous said...

It's all about the adventure Bree! looks like it was a beautiful day


Anonymous said...

Hi Bree

love the photos, you guys bring sunshine and a smile to my day every day.

The old guy up north