I got nothin' today.

No clever words.
No great stories.
No pretty things.
No inspiring thoughts.

What inspires you?



Anonymous said...

What inspires me??? - you do my dear, your attitude toward life, to see the good you see in every little thing that God has provided, the flowers, the creativity of people, the goodness in relationships, the humor in situations even when things are going crazy, quite simply Bree, you inspire me

The old guy in the Frozen North

Sophie said...

My religion inspires me. The knowledge and testimony that I have in my heart that I know God lives and He loves me. I rely on that more than anything else.

The George said...

Knowing that every moment in my life, is another moment that could change everything.

Anonymous said...

Squirrels inspire me. Something about their translucent tails and urgent eyes. Like life is something to be lived in the last moment, that they might miss something if their head is pointing in the wrong direction.