When I was a small child, an eye exam at nursery school revealed that I wasn't able to see out of one of my eyes.

My parents took me to see an eye doctor, I only remember the big wicker penguin in the corner of the waiting room, and the red sucker they gave me on the way out. They broke the news to me that I was going to have to wear glasses, I had a lazy eye. They said I was almost legally blind.

After my tears, we went to the library and checked out all the childrens books they had on glasses. My mother comforted me with the fact that I could pick out any pair of glasses I wanted. In those days there weren't a lot choices, blue or pink. In fact, they didn't even have glasses small enough so the shop heated up the arms of the pair I chose so they could bend them to fit around my small head.

For a few years I wore a patch over my good eye to make my bad eye stronger. It was basically a big bandaid, again few options back then. I would sit on the bathroom counter each morning and beg my parents to leave it off that day. They always said no. I don't think I've ever thanked my parents for this.

I also ate a lot of carrots during those years, I heard that they were good for your eyes. Today, I still don't see well out of that eye, but I can see better.

I have a soft spot in my heart for small children with glasses. I always hope that people are kind to them. It breaks my heart when I hear that some children are made fun of for wearing glasses. I was lucky, no one ever treated me poorly. Not once was I called four eyes, at least to my face. The whole experience left me feeling special rather than different, a valuable lesson at a young age.


Kami said...

You were so cute! I liked hearing about your experience. I am glad you look back on it in a positive light and that it wasn't that hard. Little kids with glasses are the cutest thing to me too!

Anonymous said...

So cute :(

That made me tear up. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Wicker penguin... you have a killer memory for all things wicker.

Krissy said...

oh Bree, this is such a great post!! you were such a cute kid :)

Dos said...

I also had glasses as a kid, they were pink when I was that young. Then I got red ones, my grandma told me I looked good in red one time so I picked red glasses. I still get made fun of for both of those glasses. By who? Guess, you know both.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bree
reading this brought me back to those days an the feelings of it all. So many times I listened to the pleas of missing a day and forcing myself to not listen to you and to do the right thing of making you wear it. You were always so brave and I remember when the Dr said we could get rid of the patches and how happy we all were. You truly are such a special and beautiful person and show it every day with your love and compassion for others


The Lil Bee said...

You are darling and your father's comment just made me tear up. There are no words.