happy fathers day

I know my dad was handpicked from millions of others to be my dad. I know it in my soul.

My dad is a special man. Being a father to four daughters is not for the faint of heart. He is kind, patient, and trusting. He is a teacher, a confidante, and a friend. Laughter comes easily, anger is slow, and he is always quick to forgiveness.

I believe with my whole heart that if every girl was lucky enough to have my dad as her own, the world would be be a better place.

I love you, Dad.

Love Bree

{me and my dad}


Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy Father's Day, Dad!

I would say that "anger is nonexistent" though :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Girls

I always regarded myself as being the lucky one, each day with each of you filled my days with joy and laughter. Despite the distance between us all now this has not changed, I look forward to my time with each of you as you are all so individual that it bring a sense of wonder into my life. Friends of mine repetitively commnent on how fortunate I am to have such four beautiful and wonderful daughters. Thanks for the entry on the blog Bree, I love you all so much


The old guy

Dos said...

Your dad rocks. You're right the world would have a lot less women disrespecting them self if they had your dad.

The Lil Bee said...

I think you are right. What a sweet note your dad left, too. I love that:)